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's first people. When crossing the Qiongzhou Strait record when reporters find B convex elderly, heard the Yangzi Evening News, the elderly are very excited, claiming to be a faithful reader of the newspaper, happily accepted the interview. Father,[url=http://www.sangal.it/]abercrombie roma[/url], 64 years old, black-rimmed glasses, bronzed skin, hale and hearty,[url=http://www.angelicaravenxxx.com/2013/10/abercrombie-et-fitch/]abercrombie et fitch[/url], and talked about ever feat and ambitious plans across the Taiwan Strait is very excited. B projection television assembly plant in Suzhou was a technician, and later into business run from the company, now retired. November 7, 2004, he called on the community to care for the needy elderly and children,[url=http://www.helpbankruptcy.co.uk/hollister-kids/]hollister kids[/url], starting from Chengdu Pi, hiking to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, Guangdong and other 25 provinces and autonomous regions, which lasted two years, stroke more than 20,000 km. In June 2005 when he was back to Guangdong from Hainan Island, for without the aid of any means of transport, the real goal of walking across the country, he decided to challenge across the Qiongzhou Strait, from sea to sea Ha Pak Xuwen County, Guangdong Province, landing Chikan Aberdeen , the entire 30 km,[url=http://www.gsm-telemetry.co.uk/cheap-ugg-boots/]cheap ugg boots[/url], spending 15.5 hours,[url=http://www.congresosyconvencionesenmorelos.com/parajumpers-damen/]parajumpers damen[/url], becoming by far the oldest person to cross the Strait. Challenges of the elderly not end in 2006, August 28-September 1, he was riding a bicycle from Wuhan to Beijing, five days and four nights (101 hours 13 minutes) for less sleep, feet off the ground riding (food and drink pull Caesar does not get off), the trip up to 1250 km, and also created a new world record. Two options to prevent shark attacks early in 2007, B convex old man across the Taiwan Strait initiation of the idea. According to the elderly, "crossing program," then he will be in Meizhou Island in Putian City, Fujian Province, Fuzhou, southeast or large Qiuhai beach to the sea, the Straits width of about 190 km, plans to use at least 4 days and 4 nights of time to swimming across the Taiwan Strait , during which no rest, no sleep, without the aid of any object, and finally landed on the beach in Taichung, Taiwan. The old man revealed that due to the need to cross the continuous days and nights, the way to prevent burnout, then he will follow the ride more than 100 hours of continuous successful experience, the first two days and nights persist, such as when you began to fall asleep, they like taking ginseng refreshing health care products, and drinking espresso to recover from fatigue. "The last time the lack of experience across the Qiongzhou Strait, as the first half led to some tension strength somewhat later why he did not, so the key to this success is to relax, this time going to nap while having a swim!" Old B on their own to keep the number of consecutive days without ability to sleep quite confident when he reportedly initially found himself playing this extraordinary ability or overnight mahjong, others play a day and night exhausted, but he insisted on two days and nights as the norm. For cases in shark-infested waters, in order to prevent shark attacks, B drawn up as early as two old programs: when he would prepare a 80m × 160m × 4m, and big enough to have two swimming pools nets, with his finger thick rope on both sides of the boat dragging nets 4-6 forward, who swim in the net; or prepare than a dozen fishing boats, small boats day and night escort, driving sharks. Another Hainan Swimming Association will send 20-30 elite swimmers, accompanied by 24-hour shift and play technology navigation. Although sponsorship million for private owners eventually crossed the date still not sure,[url=http://www.congresosyconvencionesenmorelos.com/parajumper-jackets/]parajumper jackets[/url], but a lot of preparatory work has been in full swing. To prevent the water cooler at night when crossing a result of muscle stimulation and rigid, but also specifically looking for the old B Jiangyin latex plant for their own customized set of waterproof and warm swimsuit According to reports, this is different from the normal swimsuit swimsuit,[url=http://www.congresosyconvencionesenmorelos.com/parajumpers-outlet/]parajumpers outlet[/url], it take the semi-closed (limbs exposed body closed) practices can not be avoided totally enclosed swimsuit excretion shortcomings in five days and nights of continuous swimming crossing can easily continue,[url=http://www.romantica.fr/abercrombie-france/]abercrombie france[/url], at present, B old swimsuit has been largely completed. As physical training, in recent months, the elderly early in the morning 5:30 Morning began, three or four groups to be filled under 100 crunches, and jogging, push-ups, parallel bars and other training content, the 8 o'clock time to pool practice "relaxation" swim mode. Expected to July, the old B should be rushed to Hainan special training for a period of more than a month. B convex in the elderly program, when he crossed the Taiwan Strait is not only escort vessels, as well as more than 20 people throughout the cheerleaders will cheer for him 24 hours a day, mainly from a member of the cheerleading squad riding. This scale across the program, nearly one million of the funding needed, B convex old happily told reporters, just last month, he has been a private sponsorship commitments in Suzhou. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the phone sponsor of private owners Chen,[url=http://www.sangal.it/abercrombie-italia-online/]abercrombie italia[/url], this year it was 36-year-old Chen is Taizhou, Zhejiang,[url=http://www.congresosyconvencionesenmorelos.com/parajumper/]parajumper[/url], grew up in the sea, he said he grew up there and B. The same old dream - one day tour Strait to the opposite, so that after crossing the old B plan offered to contribute full sponsorship, he said, this is totally loving sponsorship, and no promotional corporate commercial purposes. For a letter to Ma Ying-jeou to seek help, "Now that everything is ready, only a strong wind!" Said the old B "Dongfeng" refers to the approval of the Taiwan authorities. B old recalls, in late 2007, he began a letter to apply for the implementation of Fujian and Taiwan across the program, but suffer then Taiwan authorities on political, security and other factors considered, this desire has not been possible to fruition. But his determination never to give up efforts,[url=http://www.gsm-telemetry.co.uk/ugg-boots-uk/]ugg boots uk[/url], and finally in March 2008 has been Taiwan's response and support. Taichung, Taiwan Friendship Association to give commitments on both sides approached agreed to Taichung City was sent to the "Legislative Yuan" and SEF to approve and assign particular vice chairman Mr. Wang Mingyi solely responsible for coordination with the relevant units. Wang Mingyi also wrote swipes possession of the first joint "B Jin Shuai swimming across the sea crossing station, highlighting the friendly feelings of the two sides," the move to express the spirit of the old B POWERAMPER. But after all, Taichung, Taiwan strait friendship associations of civil institutions, the implementation plan must be crossed to get the consent and approval of the Taiwan authorities, according to the old B revealed that Mr. Wang Mingyi has reported to the application program reports and Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" and SEF, it is estimated that great possibilities allowed. B old also told reporters that due to cross the Strait influenced by the temperature, the time can only be implemented in the summer season, no later than October. In order to make this happen as soon as possible approved, he deliberately sent a letter to Taiwan "leader" Ma Ying-jeou,[url=http://www.sangal.it/abercrombie-e-fitch-kids/]abercrombie e fitch[/url], the letter said, "I hope you can help achieve a 64-year-old multi-cherished wish - unarmed swimming across the Taiwan Strait." B Old preparing this letter sent to entrust Mr. Wang Mingyi Ma office, hoping to get an early reply. Xu Xin Shan Hao Peng Chengzhi


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